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Are you tired of experiencing the frustration of being left in the dark by contractors precisely when you need them the most?  Picture this scenario: mold, fire, or flooding is posing a serious threat to your most valuable investment, and yet the contractors you hire mysteriously vanish, leaving you feeling helpless and abandoned. Well, at […]

The Don’ts for Water Damage Situations

flooding and water damage

‘Do Not Do’ Activities After a Water Damage It might be hard for some to just sit there and do nothing when you see water leaking or water damage in your home. First thing is first, you should call your favorite restoration company to start coming out. Especially when there is standing water that needs […]

EPA’s Guidance for Mold

moldy walls and structures

What the EPA Says About MOLD Most people would agree that when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has something to say, it’s usually worth listening to. And the EPA has A LOT to say about mold, which can attach your health in minor, irritating ways like respiratory issues to more serious life-threatening reactions, resulting in […]