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The Don’ts for Water Damage Situations

‘Do Not Do’ Activities After a Water Damage

It might be hard for some to just sit there and do nothing when you see water leaking or water damage in your home. First thing is first, you should call your favorite restoration company to start coming out. Especially when there is standing water that needs to be extracted.

While you wait for the company to arrive, there are a few things that we’ve seen some homeowners do to “help” the situation. We’ve seen some try and vacuum up the water or use their box fans to try and dry the area, tear out drywall or cap off plumbing.

Unless you’re trained in these tasks, often the best thing to do is nothing. Call your restoration company, get their advice and wait for them to arrive. There can be extremely dangerous situations when water is present.

With this in mind, consider these definite “do not do” activities in the event of a water damage situation.

Do not vacuum up any water with an ordinary vacuum cleaner, this can ruin the vacuum and be dangerous for the homeowner and it is best to avoid even a wet/dry vacuum. If you must do some water extraction yourself, make sure it is a professional grade piece of equipment, such as something you might rent, as there are safety considerations to keep in mind — such as avoiding electrocution.

Don’t use electrical appliances, even ordinary ones that might seem harmless, when in the vicinity of flooded areas. Make sure any power cards are properly grounded in your home.

Don’t go into heavily flooded rooms if you can, don’t walk on wet carpet or through flooded areas, such as a basement. Again, the electrical issue can be a factor. If the flooding is limited and you simply have a squishy carpet, you may be able to move around the home, but only after you have made certain power is turned off in affected areas and there are no safety concerns.

Don’t start pulling apart building materials, such as sheetrock, or removing carpet, as you might make a bigger mess that will make more work for the restoration company that is on its way. Small injuries can quickly become infected injuries.

Don’t wait! Most disaster restoration companies work 24/7, 365 days a year including Freedom Restoration Services. It’s the nature of disaster work. Do the right thing, and give us a call the minute disaster strikes.